Smgiel – railcar recommissioned…


SKPL threaten to withdraw.


On 29.04.2009 the Smigiel Railway’s refurbished Romanian railcar had its inaugural run after a major refurbishment. Photo SKPL.

The Smigiel Railway’s refurbished railcar looks superb after its major refurbishment and repaint in SKPL’s ‘corporate livery’. The upholstered seats are arguably the most comfortable seats of any on the Polish narrow gauge. A small oil-fired central heating boiler has replaced the coal stove which heated the coach in the winter.

The Smigiel Railway looks set to have a fair season this season. The whole line to has been sprayed with weed killer and the management are prepared to accept bookings for special trains all the way to Wielichowo, although the weekday passenger service trains only run between Stare Bojanowo and Smigiel Town.

The only dark cloud on the horizon is the relationship between Smigiel’s Deputy Mayor and the railway. At a recent meeting with SKPL management, Mrs Wieslawa Poleszak-Kraczewska turned down an offer from an Englishman who wanted to restore to working order the derelict Px48 at Smigiel Railway Station.

The Deputy Mayor also demanded that SKPL make rental payments to Smigiel Town Council. SKPL countered that if the rental demand was not withdrawn they would have no option but to terminate their operating agreement with the Council.

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