Lodz PKP fights ecologists



Volunteers collect signatures on a petition requesting the President of Warsaw to utilise the funds available to improve the city’s cycle paths. Photo Zielone Mazowsze

(Click on the picture to go to the Zielone Mazowsze website.)

Zielone Mazowsze (Green Mazowia province) is the sort of organisation that BTWT approves of. It is a ‘bottom up’ initiative lobbying for more and better cycle paths, facilities for bikes in trains and at stations, better thought out transport interchanges and a bigger slice of the public transport ‘cake’ for public transport.

In a recent poster campaign in Lodz the organisation urged local residents to use the new 90 minute train service when travelling to Warsaw rather than taking their cars. Unfortunately the campaign did not win the ‘thumbs up’ from local PKP managerswho ordered their staff to tear the posters down.

It could only happen in Poland.


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