Competition 3 – mystery picture 4



Standard gauge / narrow gauge interchange. But where?

Our third competition has proved a real puzzler and Dyspozytor is having a good chuckle because he is in the lead by one point! Rik Degruyter, who travels on Poland’s railways as much as possible in the cab of a steam engine, has correctly identified the location of mystery picture 1, but alas he could not supply any details about the engine. This earns Rik one point. Mystery picture 2 stumped everybody. No right answers for the location and no right answers for the railway, so Dyspozytor gains 2 whole points. Michael Dembinski correctly identified the general geographical area for mystery picture 3, but he could not identify the specific tram line, thus also only gaining 1 point.

All the mystery pictures so far were in Poland and now it’s time to move to the UK. Dyspozytor has dug deep into his archives for today’s mystery picture which was taken in the mid 1960s. Clearly it is an interchange siding between a standard gauge railway and an industrial narrow gauge railway. But where? Comment moderation has been turned on to catch those of you who persist in posting your answers via the comments facility. However, in order to keep track of all answers, we really would prefer all answers to be sent via e-mail to: railfan [at] go2 [dot] pl .

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