Competition Results



Somewhere in Poland but where?

On 20 November we launched our second competition. We published a photograph of water rushing out of the hillside at Dolgoch Station on the Talyllyn Railway. Gavin Whitelaw identified the location as Dolgoch, But Gordon Dudman got both Dolgoch and ‘water extraction point’ – 1 point and two points respectively.

We then published a photograph of the Model Railway Club’s test track in the clubroom at Keen House. Gavin Whitelaw was the only one who got this right gaining two points.

Still in the UK, mystery photo 3 was Tunbridge Wells West Station, on the line that connected Tunbridge Wells Central on the London to Hastings line and Eridge on the London to Uckfield line. Congratulations to Gordon Dudman, Rik DeGrutyer, and Nick Ralph who all gain two points. At this stage Gordon Dudman is in the lead with 4 points, Gavin Whitelaw has 3 points, while the rest of the field trail behind with 2 points.

Mystery photo 4 stumped everybody. It is an unfinished stairway leading to an abandoned subway at Lodz Kaliska Station. Dyspozutor hereby awards himself 2 points!

Mystery picture 5 is Wharncliffe Viaduct, originally called Brent Viaduct, on the Great Western main line at Hanwell. Gordon Dudman and Michael Dembinski earn 2 points each. Gavin Whitelaw gets one point for correctly identifying the GWR main line. I think that the locomotive is a Churchward ‘Atlantic’. Look carefully at the lack of large splasher which would be covering the third coupled wheel in a 4-6-0.

At this stage, Gordon Dudman was in the lead with 6 points, with Gavin Whitelaw in second place with 4 points. Mystery picture 6 was the retaining wall by Swanage turntable pit with an M7 class locomotive smokebox completion the picture. Two points to Gavin for his entry. Gavin tried for a third point that was available for getting the loco right, but no Gavin, it was not a Beattie Well Tank, but the M7 0-4-4T locomotive that the Swanage Railway rescued from the USA.

I hearby declare Gordon Dudman and Gavin Whitelaw as joint winners with 6 points each. There is no prize as such, but I’d be happy to buy Gordon and Gavin a pint should we ever meet. The competitions have served their purpose in encouraging a stream of comments to flow from readers, and I am putting them on hold for a bit. However, if anyone out there would like to sponsor a prize or two, then we can always organise another!

Nearly forgot! It’s not a competition as such, but can anyone shed any light on today’s header photo?


8 Responses to “Competition Results”

  1. Bob walters Says:

    Is it a section of unfinished tunnel on the underground German WW2 fortifications at Miedzyrzecz? I went on a visit there a few years ago, but it was almost totally in darkness – only torches to light our way, but the tunnels were certainly this shape with narrow gauge rails in the floor.

  2. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Always worth a visit – I have been there three times so far and would have got the answer should I have been on line before you Bob!

    Next competition please……….. :-)

  3. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    I’ll sponsor a prize of £20 as long as I can join in and I will pay up if somone else wins over, say , the next four or five competitions. Like someone who cannot pronunce his “F’s” and “Th’s”, you can’t say fairer than that!

    • dyspozytor Says:

      That’s very generous Gavin. Your offer is much appreciated. I think a cash prize as such is against the spirit of BTWT, but we could always put the cash towards a suitable reward. I’ll discuss this with you off-line.

  4. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Vodka to the value of £20 then……no problems!

  5. Gordon Says:

    Gavin – the thing is – do we have to share?

  6. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    No, in the event of a joint win I will forego my half as I am the sponsor!

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