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No Show at Wolsztyn?

Friday, 13 March 2009


The end of the steam engine parade at Wolsztyn, May 2008

A dark question mark hangs over this year’s Wolsztyn Steam Gala. PKP Cargo bosses have decided that given Cargo’s difficult situation – between 5,000 and 7,000 employees face redundancy – it would be inappropriate for Cargo to fund this year’s event. Cargo has passed the buck to Fundacja Era Parowozow (FEP). FEP have been given less than two months to raise the monies required from commercial sponsors.

FEP chairman, Misroslwa Szymanski, approached the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce for assistance and was told that the Chamber will use its best endeavours to help the Foundation and assist the Polish heritage rail movement as a whole. However, two months is a very short timescale to raise the monies required. In order to generate revenue, he was advised to create a number of extra facilities at this year’s festival such as conducted tours of the engine shed and access to a public viewing gallery which could be sold to visitors. However, it’s unlikely that Szymanski’s bosses, the FEP Supervisory Board, will accept these recommendations.

In the circumstances there is a very real possibility that, neither the Wolsztyn Steam Gala, nor Parowozjazda at Chabowka will take place this year.