PKP to sell museum exhibits?



FOR SALE? Px48 and coal wagon at Mlawa depot
photo andrzejlot

(Click to see photo on andrzejlot’s album on .)

Marta Kret, BTWT’s mole in the PKP Estate Department’s HQ, informs us that her boss has ordered a number of historic items of rolling stock to be valued prior to their sale.

Incredible as it may seem, nearly all the items on the list have already been placed in museums, or at least were set aside by PKP with the intention of being donated to museums.

This is a full list of the items, and their current location, for which a valuation has been requested:

Narrow gauge:

Lxd2-324 – Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Sochaczew

Steam locomotive Px48-1758 – Mlawa Narrow Gauge Railway
Snow plough 802S nr 1 stacja – Mlawa Narrow Gauge Railway
Open wagon Wddx no. 1 – Mlawa Narrow Gauge Railway
Open wagon Wddx no. 2 – Mlawa Narrow Gauge Railway
Open wagon Wddx no. 3 – Mlawa Narrow Gauge Railway

Standard gauge:

Steam Locomotive – Okl27-26 – Warsaw Railway Museum.
Goods wagon no. 411018 – Warsaw Praga
Electric locomotive EP05-01 Warsaw
Electric locomotive EP05-29 Warsaw

3 Responses to “PKP to sell museum exhibits?”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Why are they selling Railway Museum exhibits? I realise that the Okl27 isn’t unique but is does set a precedent.

    Why do bean counters want to know the cost of everything but know the value of nothinng and are PKP REALLY THAT hard up that a few thousand zlotys are going to make that much of a difference in their deficit?

    • dyspozytor Says:

      I haven’t the faintest idea. The only thing that these items could possibly have in common is that maybe the legal transfer to the new owners was not complete. Perhaps, given the very serious financial situation of PKP as a whole, the orders has gone out to realise ‘disposable assets’ for cash wherever possible?

      I’m checking on the legal status of the Mlawa stock right now and will comment again when I have some more information.

  2. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    It would be interesting to see what PKP think they are worth!

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