Koscierzyna security cover victory!



Pu29-3 4-8-2 passenger locomotive in the Koscierzyna museum
Photo PKP Cargo

(Following the closure of the museum at Koscierzyna, PKP Cargo have removed the link to the skansen’s page on their website, Clicking the picture will (for the time being at least) take you to the defunct page together with the slide show of which the above photograph is a part.)

Further to our last article about security cover being removed from the Koscierzyna Skansen we have been informed by a reliable source that PKP has extended the security contact to the end of the year. This will provide a breathing space for those parties interested in taking over the museum and its collections to continue, and we hope complete, their negotiations with PKP.

Our grateful thanks to all those who took part in our letter writing campaign. We have fired a useful warning shot. If any PKP Director ever again contemplates abandoning railway a railway museum without securing the future of its exhibits, as happened in the cases of Elk and Jaworzyna Slask, hopefully this time he will think again.

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6 Responses to “Koscierzyna security cover victory!”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Good news indeed. Hopefully the exhibits are safe now, but things change so quickly in Poland that we can never be sure!

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    One feels considerable relief…

  3. Rik Degruyter Says:

    So writing was useful ! Let us keep our eyes open…

    • dyspozytor Says:

      I’m not sure that in this particular case we did play a significant role, there were other voices raised as well. But we drew ‘a line in the sand’. Polish ministers don’t like overseas scrutiny of the way they manage their portfolios. The next stage will be to get the Polish media to start covering the sad story of how so much Polish railway heritage was just abandoned to the scrap thieves. The overall objective is to make sure that disasters like Krzeszowice and ‘near misses’ like Elk and Jaworzyna Slask can never happen again. If Fedecrail receives any replies, do please share them with all of us here on BTWT.

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