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Dyspozytor is a great admirer of the Fact Compiler. The Railway Eye blog is funny, irreverent and deadly accurate. The Fact Compiler and friends have the same ability to hoover up scraps of waste paper from Marsham Street as BTWT enjoys in Warsaw thanks to our team of top brass table polishers. Here is part of a recent Railway Eye post which made us chortle.

So much for the German commitment to running a right time railway

This from the Times…

Keith Heller, the chief executive of EWS (DB Shenker), Britain’s biggest rail freight company, said that the Department for Transport’s punctuality target for passenger trains was too ambitious and was delaying his freight trains.

As DB also runs Chiltern Trains, Wrexham & Shropshire and is a partner in LooRoll, can it be long before Berlin gives Heller ‘das boot’ for this off-message nonsense?

We also found the following on Toytown Germany which you also may enjoy.

Deutsche Bahn has apologised to passengers after an ICE train arrived at its destination on schedule. The punctual arrival caused severe disruption for passengers usually accustomed to the express trains running anything up to ninety minutes late.

Deutsche Bahn defended its record. According to public relations manager Herbert Schwellingwurst, the punctuality was caused by a surplus of staff, balmy weather and completed maintenance works. We are proud that over 97% of our ICE trains run at least five minutes late, but of course we are never complacent and are always looking at ways to worsen our service, he said. 

Herr Schwellingwurst said that the answer may lie abroad. We are looking closely at the British system, where the privatisation of the railway network has not only drastically reduced the quality of the service, but also massively increased fares. This could well prove to be just what we are looking for in Germany.

Click here for the rest.

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