Polish Armoured trains in UK


Help wanted!

smialyArmoured locomotive, part of Polish 1920 armoured train ‘SMIALY’

A friend asks for help in researching WWII Polish armoured trains. Not any old WWII Polish armoured trains, but those operating in Britain. Wikipedia provides the following information:

Polish armoured trains in United Kingdom (1940-1943)

I dywizjon – trains: C, G, E
II dywizjon – trains: A, D, F
III dywizjon – trains: B, M, H
IV dywizjon – trains: Nr 10, 11, 12 renamed in 1941 K, L, J

Can you help? Please write to Dyspozytor at railfan[at]go2.pl (replacing the ‘at’ with an ampersand).

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7 Responses to “Polish Armoured trains in UK”

  1. Eric Says:

    I have just found your question from 2009 about armoured trains in U.K. I am sorry I do not have an answer but am trying to find the same answer myself. I live in Norfolk in the east of England near a town called Hunstanton. In the garden of the Catholic church in that town is a small plate from 1943 commemorating Polish forces in the area. I have heard that these may have been connected with an armoured train that was used in this area – perhaps in case of invasion but I do not know details at the moment. Have you found any more?

  2. Frank Edgcombe Says:

    I don’t believe there were Polish armoured trains in Britain in WWII. But many of the British armoured trains, I believe there may have been 13 all together, which consisted of a former GER 2-4-2T, 2 LMS/LNER? 20 ton coal wagons (converted to hold machine guns and a naval 6 pdr gun) were manned by Polish crews, who had escaped the Germans.

  3. A. T. Says:

    Hi, I can confirm there were armoured trains in Britain in WWII. My father drove one.

  4. Anon Says:

    An article on Polish Armoured trains has been started on Wikipedia:


    Feel free to add to it.

  5. Shaun Russell Says:

    My Uncle, Captain Edmund Ilski, commanded a “Polish armoured train” based at Hitchin on the LNER during WWII. I have a photo of his unit stood in front of the train, which shows the men well but not much of the train I’m afraid. Edmund married the Hitchin Station Master’s daughter, my Auntie Connie. Maybe there aren’t so many unofficial photos of these trains around, because it may have been illegal to photograph military hardware such as this during the War?

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