From Poznan to London – part 3



This section could be difficult to book.

The story so far. Dyspozytor is planning a journey from Poznan to London by train. He has set himself a budget of 100 euro for the journey and is trying to book the journey on-line. Last week he tested the PKP InterCity on-line booking system and found it wanting. This week he looks for professional advice.

That’s all very well. I hear you say. But you are making it difficult for yourself. Why not just ring up PKP InterCity and book a place on the ‘Jan Kiepura’ to Colgne and then go to the Eurostar website and book the second part of your journey from Cologne to London?

Are you being serious? to borrow one of John McEnroe’s favourite phrases. For a start, the PKP InterCity website does not exactly exactly encourage customer contact. Have you seen the “Where to buy a ticket” page? That’s right it’s blank! The Polish version is little better, giving just a list of IC ticket offices and ticket agents on pdf download files, without any telephone numbers. (Since these were published InterCity has dumped most of their agents.)Last week, a good friend of BTWT went to the InterCity booking office in Warsaw and attempted to book through to Cologne and was told that their computer link to Germany was down and that they could only book him as far as the Polish border.

The other reason why I’m not trying to book by phone or in person is that I want to explore as many possibilities as possible to get the best deal going, without exhausting the patience of a human ticket clerk. So it’s off to get some expert advice. First port of call is Jeffrey Dobek and his Polrail  booking service. If you don’t have a spare day to surf the Internet then Polrail could be just the ticket. Dobek has been running Polrail since 1995 on a pro bono basis providing information for the rail traveller and promoting rail travel in Poland In 2006, he set up a commercial booking service specialising in rail travel within Poland and to and from selected international destinations.

Jeffrey tells me his philosophy is to compete on customer service rather than price, so it might be a tad difficult to stay within my 100 euro budget. In any case PKP’s computer link to Deutchsbahn is down so he can’t quote for the journey through Germany. Oh dear! We’ve been here before. Seat 61 here we come!

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