Hacking history documentary

Behind The Water Tower has been hacked. I first became aware of something strange about the position of the ‘widgets’ on our home page about two days ago, but mistakenly put put it down to a slow server. Last night, I noticed that on opening the home page everything seemed OK at first, then after a few seconds, four rows of pixels of our masthead picture were blanked out and a tiny ‘smiley’ appeared on the blank line.

After a few checks this morning, I concluded that some rogue code had been inserted into an area of the program normally ‘of bounds’ to users. I notified WordPress of the problem at 11:00 this morning, by 15:00 hrs the fault had been cleared. Now that’s what I call excellent customer service!

The nice chaps at WordPress assure me that a superfluous HTML tag was the cause of the errant behaviour of our blog, but you and I know better. We survived an attack by the dark side of the force!



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