UK rail passengers face ‘obscene’ fare rise


The New Year brought little cheer to rail passengers in Britain who faced massive rises in rail fares. Britain already has the highest rail fares in Europe. Here are some comparisons for a rail journey of approximately 80 miles (130km) in several European countries starting tomorrow morning – as near 08:00 hrs. as possible – and booked today (Sunday).

country from to cost = GBP
Britain London Swindon 53.00 GBP £53-00
Holland Den Haag Eindhoven 19.50 EUR £18-67
France Paris Rouen 17.75 EUR £17-00
Germany Berlin Burg(Magdeburg) 20.80 EUR £19-92
Poland Warsaw Lodz 31.00 PLN £7-17

British Rail fares are obscenely high and make a mockery of any pretensions that the UK government ever had a ‘green agenda’.

If you live in Britain, why not print out the above table and send a copy with a note of protest to your MP.

You can find all the information that you need (including a facility to e-mail your MP) on the They Work For You website.

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3 Responses to “UK rail passengers face ‘obscene’ fare rise”

  1. John Ball Says:

    In Britain, the government is hand in glove with business to rip the consumer off. It is a disgrace.

  2. Phil Says:

    The Leamington to Birmingham off-peak fare is now £7.80 up 80p from the pre-rise state.

    One of the problems is that UK rail is running almost at capacity. The industry has two options, invest in more infrastructure or raise prices until demand drops to a level they are willing to support. Since we have (for the last 60 years) a government with a profoundly anti public transport agenda then the later is the prefered course.

  3. Alan Hegler Says:

    Of course The Economist mag in it’s Special Holiday Double Issue (20 Dec, 08 to 2 Jan, 09) looks at it differently.

    Subsidy % (20%) is higher for Rwy than % of rail travellers (6%).

    Explains the gov’ts justification of fare increase. Then something about London commuters.

    As suggested in BTWT send UK/Europe comparison to your MP.

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