Smigiel Water Crane



Px48-1919 takes water at Smigiel, Photo Rik Degruyter

In response to a debate in our comment columns, Fedecrail Treasurer, Rik Degruyter sent BTWT this picture of Px48-1919 taking water at Smigiel. Most of the semaphore signals are long gone (although the control wires and lever frame are still in place), but the water crane is still in place and functioning.


3 Responses to “Smigiel Water Crane”

  1. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    It’s interesting to note that in the photograph the plate that the water column control handle is mounted on has been lifted clear. Either someone had lost the key to the padlock or it had rusted up. However, the water could be turned on and off by kneeling at the base of the column and reaching down into the hole.

    With regard to the semaphore signals, sorry to be pedantic, but one was still present a few months ago, out of use, on the southern approach to Smigiel Station.

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Thanks, everyone, for info re. “watering” matters. Often, worldwide, this seems to be something of a “headache” as regards steam working over railways where regular steam is no more; though usually, one or another solution is found. Poland appears to have this matter much better in hand, than some countries do.

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