Poland’s most scenic line to reopen



Steam special running over one of the 9 viaducts on the Walbrych – Klodzko line in December 2006. Photo Wojtek Cupial

(Click picture to see Wojtek Cupial’s photographs of the Tkt 48-18 hauled Walbrych – Klodzko steam special that ran on 10 December 2006. More great railway pictures can be can be found on his website.)

On Monday 5th January, Koleje Dolnoslaskie will commence operating regular passenger services on Poland’s most scenic railway, the line from Walbrych to Klodzko. Today, KD’s first train, a test run of a SA106 diesel railbus, left Walbrych Glowny at 09:15 in the morning and arrived at Klodzko at 11:35. Monday will be the first time that regular passenger trains will run on the 31 mile (50km) long line since services were suspended four years ago.

The line crosses 9 railway viaducts and three tunnels. The highest viaduct at Ludwikowice is 118 feet (36 m) high and the longest tunnel is 5,259 ft (1603 m) long and is the longest railway tunnel in Poland.

A timetable (pdf file) of the new services can be downloaded from the Koleje Dolnoslaskie website here.

6 Responses to “Poland’s most scenic line to reopen”

  1. John Ball Says:

    That is good news. There has been so much cutting back in Poland so the occasional reopening is most welcome.

  2. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    FOUR years? In Britain the line would have been lifed 1/2 a nanosecond after the last train and built over by the following week!!

    • dyspozytor Says:

      Although passenger services between Klodzko and Walbrzych were suspended some four years ago, the line has been continuously in use for freight services.

      In the case of railway lines, where both passenger and freight services are suspended, Polish local authorities have the option to take them and either run them themselves or find an operator. Sadly the tax, legal and regulatory environment does not make it easy for local authorities to do so.

  3. Robert Hall Says:

    Having this line back, is excellent news; some puzzlement found, though, about circumstances of reopening. I gathered via postings on “Kolejelist”, that the line was to reopen from 14/12/2008. Since that date — and right up to today, 5/1/2009 (have just checked) — PKP’s on-line timetable (accessed via http://www.pr.pkp.pl) has been showing a Klodzko — Walbrzych line service, supposedly in effect since 14/12/2008, and featuring — as in Koleje Dolnoslaskie’s timetable — essentially “four and a half workings each way per day”, mostly at times similar to, but not identical with, the Koleje Dolnoslaskie ones.

    A bit baffling, thus, as regards what has been happening for the past few weeks — and as said, PKP’s on-line TT has not changed re this line, as of 5/1, the announced first day of Koleje Dolnoslaskie’s workings. I’ve also made a post on “Kolejelist”, asking whether anyone can enlighten on this matter…

    • dyspozytor Says:

      Oh Robert! I’m somewhat piqued that with the whole of BTWT’s network of informants at your disposal you choose to enlist the services of Kolejlist, a much less well-connected resource. Wandering Wanda, who is currently employed by Koleje Dolnoslaskie to empty the waste bins of their management board, tells us that KD did indeed originally hope to start the Klodzko – Walbrzych service on 14.12.2008, but that PKP PLK (the PKP infrastructure company) did not complete their track repairs in time to make this happen. It seems nobody told the person responsible for updating PKP’s timetable.

  4. Robert Hall Says:

    Thanks. On this scene, the maxim “believe nothing of what you hear / read, and only half of what you see”, is at times tempting… .

    Oddities about this line’s reopening were already under discussion on Kolejelist – my post nicely answered there, by one referring back to here, thus closing the circle.

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