KKD will join in Wolstyn festivities


Text corrected – Kalisz NOT Smigiel n.g. railway


Page 14, December 2008 issue Steam Railway

The December 2008 issue of Steam Railway, one of Britain’s top railway magazines, carries the story that Gniezno-based Px48-1919 will run freight trains on the SKPL operated Kaliska Kolej Dojazdowa from 27-30 April. This is the loco that is hired each year by Wolsztyn Experience to run on the Smigiel Railway. The Kalisz narrow gauge railway carries standard gauge freight wagons on n.g. transporters over the section Opatowek – Zbiersk Cukrownia.

The Px48’s short visit to the KKD will take place immediately before the Wolsztyn Steam gala weekend. Our friends, the British Polish Railway and Industrial Heritage Partnership, are organising a study tour of the railways of Wielkopolska (Poznan region province) which will include steam running on the KKD as well as the Wolsztyn Gala. More details soon.

10 Responses to “KKD will join in Wolstyn festivities”

  1. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    I have to admit that I find this a bit confusing. The article mentions that steam hauled freight trains will operate at the Smigiel line on 27-30 April. Smigiel is very close to Wolsztyn and I can see the logic of having an event there to tie in with a standard gauge gala. However, the title of the piece and the final paragraph mention the KKD. From what I can read from the photo of the “Steam Railway” story it does seem that the steam operation will be on the KKD rather than the SKD.

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Something that came to mind: how is water for the loco, handled on occasions such as this? As we know, the Smigiel line has had no regular steam working for many years; and I understand that the same is true of the KKD. Presumably these lines have no functioning water columns. Would be interested to know what expedients are / would be used.

  3. John Ball Says:

    The idea of a study tour of Wiekopolska sounds interesting – if open to all, may entice me to another trip. Isn’t Smigiel – Stare Bojanowo used a lot for steam driving experience, which presumably would entail having arrangements for watering?

  4. Rik Degruyter Says:

    The loco takes water at Smigiel. At the other side there are no facilities (left).

    See picture taken on 4th Sept 08. (sent to railfan@go2.pl)

  5. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    On the SKD they use the water column at Smigiel station. They may also use a hose to fill the Px48 tender when it is in the loco shed. I cannot recall seeing any water columns on the KKD. However, if none remain, I suspect that it will not be too difficult to provide a supply, perhaps from a fire hydrant or some other suitable sized pipe.

  6. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    The water column at Smigiel is operational although the pressure could be a tad greater! Otherwise a hose with a decent pressure or a water tanker and pump would work well at the KKD.

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