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China’s CRH3 245 mph (394.3 km/h) on June 24 2008
Photo Sify News

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On June 24 a Chinese CRH3 train established a national record of 245 mph. The train is based on Siemens Velaro technology was built in China utilising components manufactured by Siemens in Germany and CNR Tangshan in China.

In 2008, 80 railway construction projects were launched. Currently, 2 trillion yuan (£200 billion) worth of rail construction projects are under way.

Yesterday, China’s Minister of Railways, Liu Zhijun, announced that by the end of 2012 China’s railway network will be 68,000 miles (110,000 km) long, including 8,000 miles (13,000 km) for high speed trains (V > 250 km/h). China’s current railway network is 49,000 miles (79,000 km) long.

Today, a new 118 mile (190 km) high speed line linking Shijiazhuang in Shanxi province to Taiyuan in Hebei province commenced trail running. The new line will relieve congestion on the original passenger-goods railway lines allowing them to carry more coal from Shanxi.

Construction work on the £1¼ billion (12.64 billion yuan) project started in 2005. The line runs through 94 bridges and 32 tunnels, including China’s longest mountain tunnel with a length of 27.8 km.

Another five high-speed passenger lines, mostly in southern China, will go into operation in 2009, according to the Ministry of Railways.

It’s sobering to reflect that Britain, which once led the world in railway research and technology, now has no indigenous railway manufacturing industry of its own and that Government ministers are still waiting for reports before they decide whether or not to build a high speed railway network.

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