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Wesolych Swiat

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Ol49-111, Ol49-23, Pt47-112 in steam, December 2002
Photo © Wojtek Lis

(Click to see picture in original context on Wojtek Lis’s Parowozy z Wolsztyna photographic record of steam at Wolsztyn. Then click the picture a second time to see a high resolution image.)

Parowozy z Wolsztyna is a wonderful record of the last two decades of Wolsztyn. The webmaster Wojtek Lis has been taking photographs of steam engines at Wolsztyn since 1991 and currently works for Wolsztyn Town Council with responsibility for promoting the town overseas. He publishes a regular e-bulletin on developments at the shed. Unfortunately none of Wojtek’s material is as yet available in English.

In Poznan, Tomasz Wiktor, the Director of Tourism for Wielkapolska province, is planning a major EU-funded railway heritage project which would encompass not only Wolsztyn Shed, but also the repair workshops at Gniezno. Meanwhile Polish State Railways Estates Company have their own plans for the Gniezno Workshops site and have just offered the turntable there to the Warsaw Railway Museum.

Some things in Poland never change.

The BTWT editorial team wish all our readers Wesolych Swiat which can be literally translated as ‘Happy Holiday’, but is more colloquially rendered as ‘Happy Christmas’.