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Save Ustki Station

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Ustki Station, Czech Republic. Photo Pavel Dvorak

Our Czech friends write asking for help to save Ustki Station on the line between Prague and Ostrava. Apparently the old station is in the way of a new track alignment which is meant to allow trains to travel more quickly. Demolition of the station has been scheduled for the end of 2009. BTWT is not convinced that it is necessary. The aerial photograph below shows that that there is plenty of room to ease the sharp curves at Ustki without demolishing the fine 1874 station buildings. But the pointless demolition of an old station and the building of a modern replacement – as occured in the case of Lodz Kaliska – offers decision makers a great many opportunities to receive fat ‘brown envelopes’.


Ustki Station, from the air

An on-line petition by Czech railway enthusiasts has been launched to show the authorities that proposed demolition of the station is viewed with concern not just in the Czech Republic, but all over Europe. If you would like to help you will find the petition here. The meaning of the fields are as follows:

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