The worst airport in Poland?



Lodz Airport opens on 13 September 1925

I’ve not had a good day. I’m supposed to be sitting typing this in the UK. The fact that I’m actually typing this in Poland will give you a measure of how bad the day has been. The Neostrada broadband connection went down at 09:10. The usual technique of going off to do something else didn’t work, nor did resetting the modem, nor did ringing TPSA’s technical support line 10 times. What did work was losing my temper and demanding to speak to the manager. He had my connection up and working within 30 minutes.

That was the least bad part of the day. The worst bit was still to come. The TPSA adventure had cost me seven hours. At 21:10 I should have been at the check in desk at Lodz Wladyswlawa Reymonta Airport, I got there at 21:15. We’re sorry sir, the check in desk is closed.

Yes I can see that, but I would be ever so grateful if you could see what you can do. The counter attendant attempted to make a phone call, but no one answered. Finally, another colleague appeared and spoke to someone by radio telephone.

Has he got and luggage to go in the hold?

Yes, I said.

Then It’s too late.

All right I’ll leave my luggage.

It’s still too late.

Exhausted by my battle with TPSA, I hadn’t the energy to make a scene at the airport. Besides which the security guard looked as if he was hoping I might try. As I walked away from the check in desk the first passengers to have come off the plane started coming through. Lodz Airport is tiny. It serves 8 flights daily. My flight was the last of the day, all the other passengers had cleared security and were being kept in a holding area barely 20 yards away from me for another 35 minutes.

I remembered a long time a go when an election rally by Jimmy Carter had delayed my arrival at Boston Airport. When I reached the departure hall, there wasn’t a person to be seen. Yet within minutes someone had appeared and quickly rustled up a car which drove me down to the end of the runway where the plane was waiting for clearance for take off. The other customers glared as I got on board, but in fact the plane had not been waiting for me, but for some fog to clear in New York. I reached London Heathrow without any further mishaps

Now that really was good customer service.


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