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I read maybe a dozen blogs a day. Some I read for their news content, some for pleasure and some in an attempt to make some sense in what is happening in a crazy world. Sadly, only a handful of the blogs that I read are well written. Those that are a pleasure to read (although I may disagree with the views expressed) include: Mike Dembinski’s W-wa Jeziorki, Iain Dale’s Diary, Tom Harris’s And Another Thing and Christian Wolmar’s Christian Says. So it was a pleasure to discover BobbaLew’s – The Keed. Here’s a taste.

Were it not for knowing it burned oil, ya’d think it burned coal.
3751 was upgraded in 1938, essentially what we see here. Increased boiler-pressure, larger steam passages, and 80-inch boxpok (“box-poke”) drivers. —Also roller bearings in a lotta places in the drive.
A lot of the footage is shot from way overhead from a helicopter.
It’s dramatic, but far enough away to lose the sound.
So Pentrex resorts to the old dubbed sound cheap shot.
“Chuf-chuf-chuf-chuf!” Sorry, but the spinning rods tell me it’s working a lot faster than that.
Once-in-a-while they’re close enough to actually capture the sound.
“Roar;” 30-40 mph. “Chuf-chuf-chuf-chuf,” is 10 mph.
The engine whistles for grade-crossings, emitting a visible plume of steam from 3751’s whistle.
At this point Pentrex dubs in the whistle sound; it’s actually 3751’s whistle.
Another sound is the locomotive’s bell.
It’s not an automatic bell ringer.
The locomotive’s bell is atop the smokebox front, and is rung by a long rope from the cab that swings the bell.
“Ker-clang; ker-clang; ker-clang; ker-clang!”
NICE, automatic bell-ringers can be irksome.
Pentrex dubs in the “ker-clang” when the bell is swinging. Sometimes it doesn’t. We’re far above, but I can see that bell a-swinging. (No “ker-clang.”)

I hope you enjoy BobbaLew as much as I did.



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