The last working HF…



Borsig built HF class 0-8-0T, Tx 1112 at Hajnowka
on 9 December 2008. Photo BTWT

Dyspozytor has finally tracked down and photographed a locomotive he first learned about in 1996! Come back tomorrow for a full report. Meanwhile here are some links which may be of interest.

3 Responses to “The last working HF…”

  1. Barry in Ireland Says:

    I visited this locomotive in March 2008. I was thrilled to see it still intact.

    I have some photos if you would like them. And what type of locomotive is the one outside nearby ? I also have some photos of that one which I could send you.

  2. dyspozytor Says:

    By all means send the photos, plus some words if you like to: .

  3. David Hughes Says:

    Back in the summer I noticed a Brigadelok on U. Bitwy Warszawskiej 1920 R which I’m told is listed as at Glowna. Any idea what it was doing where I saw it?

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