SKPL take over Czempin – Srem



PKP freight train passes through Srem Station.

(Click to see photo in original context and more pictures of Srem Station.)

On 4 December SKPL took over responsibility from PKP Cargo for running trains on the Czempin-Srem line. The line which is part of the Czempin-Jarocin line has been taken over by the local authority.

SKPL plan to run a daily freight service on weekdays and anticipate carrying 30,000 tonnes of freight in their first year of operation.

5 Responses to “SKPL take over Czempin – Srem”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    If I were able to read Polish, the link would probably tell me this; but — could I ask, what’s become of the Srem — Mieszkow (“for” Jarocin) section? Abandoned, all or part?

    Abandoned, badly overgrown, but track still down. D.

  2. Gavin Says:

    Great! I remember Tkt48s and Ol49s here. Possibility for occasional steam operation there if WE gets enough locomotives operational?

  3. dyspozytor Says:

    Well that’s something I’m working on, but WE doesn’t have any locos of their own so I have to find a suitable engine and a well disposed owner.

  4. Rik Degruyter Says:

    I am still owner of Tkt48-23. It needs complete overhaul but it is available. Anybody interested ?

  5. dyspozytor Says:

    Hi Rik. Of course I’m interested. I reckon that subject to a suitable co-operation agreement with Howard Jones (I don’t want to go into competition with WE!) a working steam locomotive on the Srem line would pay for its maintenance and upkeep. SKPL would be delighted to have a steam loco working the line.

    However, there are a number of obstacles.
    1) Howard says he has no spare cash this year to invest in a loco overhaul.
    2) SKPL will be short of cash for another 12 months or so.
    3) The old Dyspozytor at Pyskowice is hoarding your loco’s log book.
    4) Without paperwork it’s difficult to do anything in Poland!

    But it’s not all bad news. There will be some EU funds available for tourism development in Wielkopolska. Grant applications will have to be submitted by Q3 2009.

    Best wishes,


    PS. I do have an e-mail address: railfan(at) if you want to progress this privately!

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