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Competition – mystery picture 5

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Entries for stage 5 of the competition are closed.


Lots of details in this picture, but what can you identify?

Oh dear, oh dear, BTWT readers never cease to amaze us. We publish details of an obscure Fenland tramway and immediately the alarm bells are ringing because we incorrectly classified the tram loco (whose wheels were covered by skirts) as a GER 0-6-0T tram loco rather than its (identical looking!) earlier 0-4-0T precursor. Our photograph of a bit of obscure slate walling in North Wales brought us a bulging post bag of entries correctly identifying Dolgoch Station on the Talyllyn Railway, while the photograph of Tunbridge Wells West also brought us a record number of entries. But an unfinished entrance stairway to the unfinished subway that was supposed to link Lodz Kaliska Railway Station to Lodz Kaliska Bus Station stumped everybody!

Here is a link to some photographs (Click thumbnails to see full size.) that show the unfinished East side of Lodz Kaliska which should clarify the matter for everybody. The BTWT editorial office enjoying a good chuckle because we mentioned the plight of Lodz Kaliska on Tuesday!

Today’s picture is back in the UK. What is it? (Please note, entries saying ‘a train on a railway viaduct’ will be disqualified.) What is the railway? Extra points will be added for identifying the locomotive, railway carriages and other interesting observations.