Competition – mystery picture 4


Section 4 of the competition is now closed.


What is this and where is it?

Apologies for the somewhat serious and sombre nature of the last post. Most of our readers read BTWT in order to escape from the daily dose of depressing news dished by the mass media. The handful of BTWT readers who actually like that sort of thing are encouraged to to follow up developments in the Damian Green affair by clicking on the links at the end of yesterday’s article. Iain Dale, in particular, is posting regular analysis and updates on the story in his blog Iain Dale’s Diary.

The four readers who share Dyspozytor’s concerns about the slowly tightening authoritarian screw might like to listen to a lecture by Naomi Wolf who claims that something similar is happening in the USA, or even to view her presentation (in 5 parts) courtesy of You Tube. And now for something completely different… !

Part 3 of the competition is hereby closed. Congratulations to all who identified the location as Tunbridge Wells West Station in Tunbridge Wells. The location is now a Sainsbury’s supermarket and restaurant. Near to where the photographer is standing is the present terminus of the Spa Valley Railway. We acknowledge this post on the somerset and dorset blog (which has some excellent photographs) as the source of the picture.

Stage 4 of the competition has a contemporary Polish theme. (In our recent poll, Polish railway news was identified by the majority of our readers as that part of our our editorial ‘mix’ which they wanted most of.) So what is the strange object in the picture and where is it. Clicking on the picture leads to a bigger version and clicking that expands it still further. There are lots of clues!

Tomorrow we have a special treat, an article by guest writer Robert Hall about a hitherto unknown PKP-operated Polish narrow gauge railway. Have a great weekend!

2 Responses to “Competition – mystery picture 4”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    Atomic/air raid bomb shelter
    Krakow/Plasszow ?

  2. dyspozytor Says:

    No, not atomic air raid shelter. Not Krakow Plaszow either!

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