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Wolmar slams Darling

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Wolmar in full flow

(Still from Wolmar’s latest DVD, Fire and Steam)

In an angry post titled, Darling shows his contempt for railways and the environment, rail pundit Christian Wolmar slams into Darling’s pre-budget announcement.

It was perhaps inevitable, but the way that Alistair Darling has completely ignored the opportunity to produce a pre budget report with any significant environmental measures is shocking. In particular, his allocation of an immediate £700m to spend on roads confirms what we knew about him when he was transport secretary: that he had no interest in developing the railways or greener methods of transport, and was only keen to pander to the motoring lobby. His only sop to the railways is to speed up the introduction of 200 new carriages, which were going to be bought anyway… (more)

It’s worth reading the whole article and the follow up comments. The Fact Compiler on the Railway Eye blog also has an interesting take on where those new carriages are going to go.