A new competition – mystery picture 1


Entries now closed.


Where is this? What is this?

(The photographer, details of his blog, a link to the website where this originally appeared and information about re-use and licensing will be added when the result of the competition is announced. Otherwise you could cheat and look up the answer!)

Dyspozytor loves competitions. He was in a really bad mood following yesterday’s article about how Turek Town Council are trying to fleece the Kaliska Kolej Dojazdowa for rainwater tax. After working it off by yelling at everyone in BTWT’s office we calmed him down by getting him to fill in the Daily Telegraph’s Rail Europe competition. Now he’s ordered another BTWT competition to cheer himself up. Let’s choose a famous railway landmark, that everybody will know, and see a picture taken really close by that will confuse almost everyone. No sooner said than done. So who is going to be first to identify the railway installation in this view and tell us how it relates to the famous railway landmark?

Prizes? Who said anything about prizes? The pure joy of winning is its own reward. However, if any BTWT reader wishes to donate a couple of bottles of Zubrowka, we will see that one of them will reach the prizewinner, if there is one. Incidentally the winner of our last competition, Marek Ciesielski, is still waiting for his miniature bottle of Zubrowka, but we are assured by Dyspozytor that he will finally receive his prize this Friday. Marek only got 50% of the questions right and so Dyspozytor claims that he doesn’t qualify for the whole bottle which he drunk last time he (Dyspozytor not Marek) was depressed.

Incidentally, SKPL have identified Marek as the photographer of the wonderful atmospheric photos which we reproduced in our More from Smigiel post. They are now properly credited, but when we received them they arrived without any details and we could not caption them correctly.

If you think you know the answer to today’s competition, please e-mail it to: railfan(at)go2.pl replacing the “at” with the ampersand symbol.

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