California says ‘Yes’ to high speed rail



Californian voters approved on Tuesday the Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act, more commonly known as Proposition 1A, by 52 % to 47 %. The Act  authorizes the Legislature to issue $10 billion in bonds to fund the first phase of an 800-mile high speed railway linking the major cities of California.

Quentin Kopp, the chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, announced that the agency will produce a revised business plan within a week and then begin a comprehensive engineering plan. “We’re going to need to do things like dig tunnels through mountains and navigate the Pacheco Pass. This is intricate engineering, and it’s a crucial part of the project.” He olso said that the state will also spend $3 to $4 billion this financial year buying right-of-way land for the project.

The Authority plans a network that will stretch from Sacramento to San Francisco and on to Los Angeles and San Diego via Fresno, Bakersfield, and other cities in the Central Valley. Trains will use classic wheel-on-rail  technology and run at speeds exceeding 200 mph (320 km/h).

In a glorious headline which will appeal to Jonathan Glancey, Britain’s leading Advanced Steam Locomotive Project, “WIRED” headlines its very informative post with the headline:

Full Steam Ahead for California’s High-Speed Rail

One Response to “California says ‘Yes’ to high speed rail”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Very fine, and very commendable; but for me, bring back the Southern Pacific’s “Daylight” express – hauled by a class GS-4 4-8-4, the whole thing in magnificent orange-and-red livery; by modern standards, took a long, long time to get from L.A. to San Francisco – but much fun to be had, in attaining that goal.

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