Haunted Bialystock


After 5pm in Bialystock. Note that the only rails that are shiny are the twin freight lines that by-pass the station. Photo Michael Dembinski

This picture of Bialystock station on the W-wa Jeziorki blog has a Marie Celeste feel about it. In communist times, Bialystock was an important railway junction and the last big town before the Soviet border. A network of branchlines brought people and goods into the big city. Communist party bosses sent on delegacje to the Soviet Union could stretch their legs while the big Polish Pt47 2-8-2 express steam locomotives took on water. Heavy freight trains regularly took Polish food and manufactured goods deep into the Soviet hinterland.

Now the branchlines are decaying, the people come to Bialystock by car and the only heavy freight rumbling through the stations are trains bringing Russian coal into Poland.

Click on the photo will take you straight to Mike’s article, Rush hour in Bialystock. Clicking on the photo again once you have reached W-wa Jeziorki will take you to a glorious high resolution version which would make a great screen saver. As well as Mike’s brilliant photography, another reason for visiting his blog is that 6 out of his last 8 posts have a railway interest. Is BTWT about to have a serious competitor?

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