Don’t leave it too late. VOTE!


A hand propelled platelayers’ trolley on the Starachowice Railway in the days when the Polish Narrow Gauge Railway Foundation, FPKW, was the operator. Photo FPKW.

(Click on picture to see it in its original context on the FPKW website.)

Do please take part in our poll and tell us what we should write about. Have we, for example, given sufficient coverage to the Polish passion for charging about on disused railways using home made platelayers’ trolleys? The poll is not some silly gimmick. BTWT veterans will know that we do listen to our readers and that quite often the subject of a post is a topic that was raised as a reader’s comment a day or so earlier. We want to prepare a strategic plan which will give BTWT some direction during 2009 and the poll is the first consultation exercise that we are undertaking to help us firm up the plan. To those who have already taken part in the poll. Many thanks.

7 Responses to “Don’t leave it too late. VOTE!”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    I’m not being facetious here: but have difficulties with the terms of the poll, which have so far stopped me from voting.

    Six basic categories of material, are listed. Essentially, one of those six I could do without. The other five, I would be happy to see either receiving equal time, or the split between them being whatever way the management pleased – so long as there continued to be plenty about Poland. Dzspozytor, you perform prodigies, but there’s only one of you (I assume); and like everyone else, you need time for sleeping, eating, recreation, etc. So I take it that the maximum possible posting output, would be about ten items per week. I thus have trouble seeing how the “choices per category” fit in with (a) my likings, and (b) how the situation works. If I voted “every day” or “half the time” for each of my likings 1,2,3,4 and 5 – in either case, things just don’t add up. If I voted “once a week” for each of them – that would come to well under a usual week’s worth of posts – how to convey wishes about the rest?

    Am not meaning to quibble – but the way this undertaking is set up, gives me problems re expressing by way of it, the sort of content that I’d most like.

  2. dyspozytor Says:

    Robert, it’s a fair enough point, but what I’m after is an indication of the preferences of BTWT readers so that the ingredients in the cake can be balanced accordingly. I would also like to see a bigger cake! At the moment BTWT has occasional articles written by guests and I hope to see more writers involved in the future.

    How about a piece or two from yourself?

  3. Robert Hall Says:

    I’ve voted, thus — on a “mathematical nonsense” basis of five “half the time”s, and one “never”. (Couldn’t see the field in “section 7”, for writing in one’s comments / other preferences.) Re your last point, “more anon”.

  4. dyspozytor Says:

    Thanks Robert for the feedback. ‘Half the time’ is supposed to mean just that: as in ‘on five days out of ten’. Not as in ‘five post out of ten’. I accept that we may have to grow our resources a little before we can deliver more posts, but when we started we were posting two or even three times a day.

    I am concerned that you can’t see the text entry field in Q.7. On my Mac there is a long dark oblong that can be written into just below the button for “other”. Is there nothing similar on your machine?

    Re. your final point. I’ll send you an e-mail when I get a little better organised.

  5. Robert Hall Says:

    Thanks, all round. I am clueless beyound belief about computers: saw the long dark oblong, but when clicking on it didn’t turn it into a long LIGHT oblong (as am normally used to), I jumped to the concusion that it “wasn’t a runner”. I now realise that it is typed into, “light on dark”. Anyway, see just leaving things as they are, at this stage.

  6. Ed B Says:

    Thanks for the great blog. Since you mention it in your post here, yes I would be interested to know more about the draisine railways!

    I’m also generally very interested in narrow gauge railways in Poland. I know about most of the bits that have current tourist operation, and have visited perhaps half of them, but what has happened to the rest of the systems beyond the tourist operations? Are there hundreds of disused kilometres still in situ, or have they generally been lifted? A special train on the Jedrzejow system this coming weekend caught my attention (sadly I can’t make it) – they have reopened a new section of the Jedrzejow line, to Sedziejowice, and this Sunday will be the first train for 12 years. On my visit to Jedrzejow in 2003 the line beyond the triangle at Umianowice was totally overgrown, but already a good stretch beyond that has been reopened. On the other hand, I understand that sections of the Kruszwica system have been lifted and anything like a complete traversal of that system is now impossible. I was very interested in your recent post with the status of various narrow gauge systems, and of course your posts about Krosniewice.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  7. Ed B Says:

    When I said Kruszwica in my post above, of course I meant Kujawy…!

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