New livery at Smigiel…


… fancy a quiet retirement job?

Smigiel Railway Rumanian railcar freshly painted in SKPL’s passeger livery and with the Smigiel coat of arms on the front, but still carrying its PKP vehicle identity code, MBxd2-218.

Smigiel Railway’s passenger service restarted on 1 September after a break for the school holidays. The new timetable can be downloaded here as a pdf file. Now the railway is looking for part-time drivers. Are you a retired driver looking to make your UK pension go further? £45,000 will buy you a nice 3 bed-roomed house in Smigiel on a reasonably sized plot. The wages SKPL can afford to pay you will only stretch far enough to pay for your beer, but on the other hand food is much cheaper – the price of a decent beef steak is only a quarter of what you would expect to pay in the UK.

3 Responses to “New livery at Smigiel…”

  1. Dampfmeisteren Says:

    Extremely sad that the services to Wielichowo has been slashed.
    Otherwise great that this wonderful little railway keeps running.

  2. stephen Says:

    I really like the look of these and would like to work on a model of one. Do you know if any drawings are available?

  3. Terry Boardman Says:

    Looks good. The car was a bit tatty when we rode it in June (2008)

    It is truly a wonderful little railway and deserves enthusiast support to keep running especially since Wolsztyn Experience has a PX steam locomotive there and it is substituted for the rail car from time to time and is available for specials and charters

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