Liverpool tram saga runs and runs


Liverpool car 953 at Utting Avenue Railway Bridge, 30 July 1955. Photo ©David Clarke.

(Click to see picture in original context and to see more of David Clarke’s photographs of Liverpool trams in the 1950s on David Bradley’s Liverpool Picture Gallery.)

The Liverpool Echo reports that delicate negotiations involving Merseytravel, the Treasury and the Department for Transport are close to completion regarding the construction of Line One, between Liverpool city centre and Kirkby. A detailed blueprint for the construction of Line One – costing many £ millions had already been drawn up when the then-transport secretary Alistair Darling, now the chancellor, pulled the plug on the scheme more than two years ago.

Transport secretary Ruth Kelly has said that she will back the project, ‘provided the economic benefits to Merseyside are proved’ and government funding is kept to its original £180m ceiling.

More on the on, off, on again tram saga:

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