Miracle at Naleczow!


Roadside miniature ‘chapels’ are very common in Poland.
This one serves both a road and the Naleczow Railway

Not long ago we reported that the future looked grim for the Naleczow Railway. Now comes news that the PKP Estates Company has completed the formalities of transferring the railway land to the local authority and that the latter in turn is preparing an EU-funded programme to revive the railway. Watch this space!

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5 Responses to “Miracle at Naleczow!”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    At last some Poles using the EU for what is should be used for!

    Hope this all goes well and that more schemes can be funded this way!

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    I’d always imagined hitherto that the Naleczow Railway (never visited it) was a bit boring — pretty well “interchangeable” with a dozen other 750mm gauge systems which there are or have been, in Poland. Pictures seen and material read about it on BTWT, cause me to feel that I’ve done it an injustice. This latest news is good to hear.

  3. dyspozytor Says:

    There are some steep gradients, serious civil engineering works and some glorious views. Kazimierz Dolny, which is one of Poland’s best kept secrets, is nearby.

  4. Dampfmeisteren Says:


    Now the question is: Will they run steam on an regular basis?

  5. Robert Hall Says:

    As this system is being discussed at present; dare I ask (with a bit of apprehension re threat of flogging the topic to death): concerning the map of this system included in the post of 22nd. Jul. ’08, “Railway to Let” — any information available about the various sections shown in red, indicating “closed”, on that map? I had hitherto been aware only of the generally-known “common-carrier” maximum extent of the system: the main stem south-westward from Naleczow, and its Wilkow and Poniatowa branches. Were the “red / closed” sections, perhaps agricultural / forestry lines?

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