Fri July 2007. Tracks flooded at Cheltenham station.
All train services suspended. The men in the Hi Vis gear
are reappraising a scene from The Railway Children.

(click to see photo in original context and more pictures
by Birmingham Selly Oak Weather)

The Behind The Water Tower editorial team is taking a break. Not for us, sundrenched beaches and palm fringed sands. We’re off to Parowozjazda and then will be going on a short industrial heritage safari around the industrial heartland of Silesia. Suitably refreshed, after breathing lots of smoke and steam, we’ll be sharing our impressions with you on our return.

In the meantime, what to do when you need that daily BTWT fix? Well you could read the BTWT archives. BTWT started is new life on exactly six months ago. There are 210 posts which can be searched direct, or with the help of 109 categories and 599 tags. Once you have read all the posts, there are also 145 comments. We don’t agree with all of them, by any means, but they are all worth reading and thinking about.

See you again on 12 September. If you want an e-mail reminder sent to you that we are back, send an e-mail to us at: railfan(at) The (at) needs to be replaced with an ampersand.

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