The two WHR tracks meet…


but physical union postponed!

They did these things differently in 1869,
photo ©Andrew Goodwin

(Photos by Andrew are regularly posted on Barry Hughes’s unofficial WHR WWW news site. More of his pictures of the ‘golden spike ceremony’ may be seen here.)

As predicted in our post last Thursday, the two sections of WHR track – the section laid northwards from Porthmadog and the section laid eastwards from Carnarfon via Beddgelert – met up this weekend. A gold coloured pandrol clip was hammered in without much ceremony and that was that. The rails have been laid so that they pass each other. They lie tantalisingly close to each other, but do not connect.

Although signalling and other safety systems remain to be installed, some suspect that the real reason for this arrangement, is that progress made by the WHR track gang somewhat overtook the progress being made by the two Welsh Highland Railway companies on a detailed running rights agreement to govern interworking between the two.

Only a couple of hours work remains to make the connection, however, trains operated by WHR (P), the successors of the original WHR society set up in 1964, won’t be running to Pont Croesor just yet. There are even rumours that they won’t be running there in 2009! All discussion on the topic has been banned on the two WHR discussion groups! Meanwhile work by contractors in Porthmadog to connect the Ffestiniog Railway to the WHR continues, and a physical connection between the two is expected to be in place is within the next two months.

One Response to “The two WHR tracks meet…”

  1. chris Says:

    complete rubbish im afraid – please dont add to the rumour mill about a subject no one but the two railways boards know anything about, it helps no one and hurts everyone. The reason there is no connection at the moment is because there doesnt need to be one! Until the track has been ballasted, tamped and the WHR(P) section slewed to the correct alignment (which wont be done till the end of their running season), cutting the rails to fit would be pointless as you’d have to do it again everytime the tamper makes a pass. The continuing discussion over 2009 is, most likely, because the WHR(P) want something different to the 1998 agreement – hopefully a consensus will be formed but all this rumour spreading doesnt help. If you support the WHR(P) i hope you’ll have the good sense to remove the damaging rumours.

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