Chabowka & Sucha Beskidzka Gala


2008 programme

Parowozjada 2006 – The parade of vintage trains
2-10-2T giant, Okz32-2 drifts through Rabka Zdroj
photo BTWT

The following information has been published in Polish by Milosz P. Mazurek of PKP Cargo on the PAROWOZY z WOLSZTYNA discussion group in the Parowozjada 2008-program imprezy thread. Behind The Water Tower cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this programme or for any changes that the organisers may make.

time no. event
05:46 1 dep. Chabowka to Zakopany steam special
(Ty2-911 + 2 x Bi + BCi, Ci)
07:05 2 dep. Chabowka to Mszana Dolna steam special
(Slowak 464.001 + 2 x BCi, Ci + Oy heating coach)
07:32 1A dep. Zakopany to Sucha Bsk steam special
(as 1, then train 2A attached at Chabowka)
08:11 2A dep. Mszana Dolna to Sucha Bsk steam special
(as 2, then train 1A attached at Chabowka)
08:15 3 dep. Krakow Glowny to Sucha Bsk steam special
(Ty2-953 + Gmhx mail coach + Bhuxz + Bhixt +
Bhixt + 3F + EP03 electric locomotive banker)
09:00 4 dep. Sucha Bsk to Lachowice steam special
(TKt48-191 + 4 slam door coaches)
09:37 4A dep. Lachowice to Sucha Bsk steam special
(as 4)
09:53 4A arr. Sucha Bsk
train from Lachowice
10:30 3 arr. Sucha Bsk
train from Krakow Gl
10:36 1A
arr. Sucha Bsk
train from Zakopany/Mszana Dolna
11:00 Official opening – PAROWOZJAZDA 2008
Sucha Beskidzka Station
Vintage motive power parade: steam locos –
Ol12-7, Ok1-359, Ok22-31, 464.001, 422.0108,
Tr5-65, Ty2-911, Ty2-953, TKt48-191; railcars –
SN61-168 + SN61-183, M240.0042)
International locomotive crew proficiency
competition; crews will drive the following locos:
(TKt48-191, Tr5-65, 422.0108, 464.001)
10 trains from Skawce will arrive at Sucha Bsk
i Ty2-911 hauling vintage passenger train (vpt)
(Gmhx + Bhuxz + Bhixt + Bhixt + 3F)
ii Ol12-7 hauling vpt
(4 slam door coaches)
iii Ok1-359 + Ok22-31 hauling vpt
(2 x Bi + 3 x BCi, Ci + Oy heating coach)
iv 464.001 hauling VIP train
(three luxury saloon coaches)
v 422.0108 hauling mixed train
(BCi + 2 x closed goods + lime + goose)
vi Tr5-65 hauling freight train
(3 x closed + tank + refrigerated)
vii TKt48-191 hauling freight train
(2 closed + tank + lime + coal)
viii Ty2-953 hauling armoured train
ix railcar SN61-168 + trailer + railcar SN61-183
x Slovakian railcar M.240.0042
17:00 entertainment in the vicinity of the castle
arranged by the Mayor of Sucha Beskidzka
5 dep. Sucha Beskidzka to Chabowka
(railcar SN61-168 + trailer + railcar SN61-183)

The Saturday steam specials are intended to help the general public reach Sucha Beskidzka and Chabowka, and are very reasonably priced. Trains 1 is only 12 zl each (24 zl return). Train 3 is 13 zl. Train 2 is 5 zl (10zl return) and train 4 4 zl (8zl return). The tickets may be bought on the train and prior reservation is not necessary.

time no. event
Chabowka Skansen open to the public
(free entry)

6 dep. Chabowka PKP station TKt48-191 hauled
enthusiasts’ special to Mszana Dolna and return
arr. (photostops)
Chabowka Skansen
cab rides in Tr5-65 or Ol12-7

7 dep. Chabowka PKP station (loco?) steam-hauled
enthusiasts’ special to Mszana Dolna and return
arr. (mixed passenger/goods, photostops)
serviced at Chabowka Skansen

8 dep. Chabowka PKP station Ty2-911 hauled
enthusiasts’ special to Dobra and return
arr. (8 goods wagons, photostops)

The Sunday steam specials are targeted at the railway enthusiast market, special facilities such as photostops are provided, and the trains are priced accordingly.

Sunday trains update (posted 14:15 CET, 2:09:2008)

PKP Cargo are not selling tickets for the individual trains, but are selling a carnet of tickets, which entitles travel on all three Sunday trains, at 110 zl. Reservations are compulsory and can be made between 07:00 – 14:30 (CET) by telephone + 44 (0)18 267-62-00 int. 345, or by e-mail:

Sunday trains update (posted 15:25 CET, 4:09:2008)

PKP Cargo has issued a notice that the places on Sunday’s photostop trains are sold out and no more carnets are being sold.

All in all, this looks to be the best Parowozjazda yet. Our only gripe, and it is a major one, is that once again PKP Cargo make their arrangements at the last possible moment and the detailed programme is published literally days before the event.

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  1. garystevens Says:

    What is the history of the armoured train in the gala? I know some of these put up a heroic defence in WW II on the Russian front.

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