Vote, VOTE, V O T E ! for Chabowka


200th post!

Rabka Zdroj to Chabowka Skansen shuttle in 2006
Will Chabowka get your vote?

For our 200th post we thought we would have some fun and also help Chabowka raise its marketing profile. The Internet portal is holding a poll to identify the top ten tourist attractions of Malopolska province.

The results so far are:

1st – A lot of funny shaped rocks
Ciezkowice – Skamieniale Miasto

2nd – A miniature world WITHOUT a model railway!
Inwald – Park Miniatur

3rd – Getting Better, Tarnow Old Town
Tarnów – Stare Miasto

4th – The Castle at Dobczyce
Dobczyce – Zamek

5th – At last! The skansen at Chabowka
Chabowka – skansen taboru kolejowego

To give Chabowka your vote simply click on the Chabowka link above. It will take you to a page which cotains a short paragraph in Polish, below which you will see the text:

Głosow 1xxxx Glosuj

Click on the “Glosuj”, then enter the dotted number into the box provided, press “Enter” and you are done. Hopefully Chabowka will end up with a nice coloured certificate identifying it as one of the top 10 attractions of Malopolska. Given Chabowka’s uncertain status, every little thing which raises its profile helps.

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