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Krosniewice Railway Smoke and Mirrors

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Lxd2 Romanian Bo-Bo narrow gauge diesel backs onto an excursion train at Ozorkow in the summer of 2006, photo BTWT

At a meeting for local authority representatives at Krosniewice Town Hall on Wednesday 13 August, Krosniewice Mayor, Barbara Herman, unveiled her plans for the line. Instead of one lead local authority taking over the whole line. Mrs Herman envisages that each local authority would take over the section of line running through their administrative area. BTWT believes that this ‘slicing the salami’ approach, which would allow every local authority to develop individual and potentially conflicting plans for each section of the railway land, would put the whole railway at risk. We will be continuing our campaign for one lead local authority to take over the whole line as a public transport undertaking.

Mike Pease, chairman of the British-Polish Railway and Industrial Heritage Partnership, a lobby group of Polish and British heritage railway experts, explained that the Partnership will be meeting with local and national government decision makers to press the view that, the railway still had an important transport role to play. Mike continued, “In addition the whole system has an enormous potential in the role of a linear park, offering tourists an exciting public transport alternative to visit the many attractions en route.”

New readers might like to type “Krosniewice” into the search box and read the many article on the subject of the Krosniewice Railway. BTWT has been running a vigorous campaign since 7 March this year to save the Krosniewice Railway from the selfish property development plans of the Mayor of Krosniewice.