Steam parade moved to Sucha Beskidzka


Sucha Beskidzka Station, 2006
Photo Pawel Okrzesik, Beskidzka Strona Kolejowa
(Click to see photo in original context and more pictures of the Sucha Beskidzka-Zywiec line.)

PKP Cargo have moved their parade of steam hauled trains – a central part of the Chabowka Steam Gala – from Rabka Zdroj to Sucha Beskidzka. Our special cleaning lady who empties the wastepaper bins for PKP Cargo informs us that their Regional Director Zbigniew Gadek, does not have a good working relationship with Rabka Zdroj Mayor, Ewa Przybylo. Ms Przybylo has her town – one of Poland’s most popular health resorts – jam packed with Poles who have persuaded their doctors that what they really need is a holiday in the mountains at the taxpayers expenses. Parowozjazda, the Chabowka Steam Gala leaves her cold.

Meanwhile, Stanislaw Lichosyt, the Mayor of Sucha Beskidzka, is wondering what will happen to his town if the new railway line from Cracow to Zakopane gets built. The new line would by-pass Sucha Beskidzka and then the old line connecting Sucha with Krakow would be flooded by a new lake. Sucha, which was industralised after WW II, has suffered from Poland’s short sharp shock economic transition and Mr Lichosyt is keen to see tourism develop in the area. So it’s little surprise that he welcomed Director Gadek’s proposal to bring his parade of steam locomotive hauled trains to Sucha with open arms.

Parowozjazda takes place this year on the weekend of 6 – 7 September. Apart from the parade of steam trains, all the other events will take place at the Railway Museum in Chabowka. There will be access to the railway museum at Chabowka overnight on the 6/7.

To coincide with the Chabowka Steam Gala, the British-Polish Railway and Industrial heritage Partnership are organising a one week trip travelling round Poland by rail and visiting various narrow gauge railways. More details are promised soon.

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