Fast bikes and slick blogs


Chaczowek, where the Warsaw – Radom line crosses the Lukow – Skierniewice line
photo Michael Dembinski, W-wa Jeziorki

(click to see original post)

BTWT loves W-wa Jezorki. The photography is professional, the text philosophical, as befits a man who sees the bicycle as the optimum means of commuting. It was W-wa that inspired us to start BTWT just half a year ago.

Clarence Eckerson’s film, Bicycling Sunday in Bogota

(Click to see original film in original context on the East Bay Bicycle Coalition site)

The East Bay Bicycle Coalition site is a great campaigning website that is even slicker than BTWT! Here what they have to say about Bogota’s Bicycling Sunday.

Bicycle Sunday is such a widely appealing idea, it is no suprise that millions head to the streets in Bogotá, as well as Mexico City, and most recently, Santiago, Chile… The idea is simple, given that Sunday is already the best day for a pleasurable recreation ride, why not promote it by dedicating a lane or two on our local roads to bicyclists, walkers, joggers, skaters, you-name-it?

Indeed why not? In London and Birmingham, Warsaw and Cracow!

We’ve already written about the underground bicycle park in Groningen. Urbanbasket were kind enough to link to our post. They also had a link to this film to show how big the cycle park really is. The Japanese have gone one better and have built a prototype robot operated cycle park!

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