To London via the Orient Express


Venice- Simplon Orient Express, Photo The International Society of Railway Travellers

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Today’s post is dedicated to my fellow blogger Michael of W-wa Jeziorki. Every time I rant and rave about how everybody in Europe is building high speed railways (everybody except the UK that is) and how I can’t wait for a direct high speed train connection from Warsaw to London, Michael posts a comment that plane travel is faster. Well I maintain that it’s not how fast you travel it’s how you travel that’s important. For example, fancy a trip to London? On Monday 14 July you could pop down to Krakow and then continue in leisurely style by the Orient Express.

Cracow – London Orient Express

Monday – Krakow depart 18:00

Board the splendid Wagons-Lits carriages of the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in Krakow. Throughout your journey you will be attended by your own personal steward. After you have settled into your comfortable compartment it will soon be time to dress for dinner. Why not sip an aperitif in the Bar Car, listening to the sounds of the baby grand piano before taking your seat in one of the beautifully restored restaurant cars.

Overnight on board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Tuesday – Vienna arrive 11:00

Breakfast is served in your compartment as you approach Vienna, where the train arrives this morning. The remainder of the day and evening is yours to enjoy at leisure. Once the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, this beautiful city is easy to explore. Why not take a horse-drawn carriage ride past the many architectural splendours of the Ringstrasse.

Overnight in Vienna (note: hotel accommodation is not included).

Wednesday – Vienna depart 14:00

Discover this grand city, perhaps by horse-drawn carriage, before rejoining the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express early afternoon. Enjoy afternoon tea and dinner as you continue your journey towards France.

Overnight on board the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

Thursday – Paris (Gare de l’Est) arrive 08:25 depart 09:25 London (Victoria) arrive 16:55

A morning arrival in Paris before continuing on to the French coast as brunch is served. After crossing to England, enjoy afternoon tea before arriving in London Victoria Station late afternoon.

Tickets are a snip at €2670. If cost was not a factor would you really rather travel by Ryanair?

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4 Responses to “To London via the Orient Express”

  1. Michael Dembinski Says:

    Can’t afford it mate. If I had €2,670 to spare, I’d invest it in buying a Nikon D300 body, 80-400mm zoom and SB800 flash. And have something of value to last me years, not a fleeting experience. Frankly, sitting in the guard’s compartment on the Osóbka to Radom with a bunch of semi-inebriates swigging tins of Warka Strong would be a more interesting way to travel than with a bunch of moneyed braying Hoorays.

  2. Jeff Paulett Says:

    I would have to agree with you whole-heartedly – there is no better way of travelling than by the luxurious Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. Travel is something to be enjoyed, not endured!

  3. dyspozytor Says:

    Jeff, your Luxury Trains website is a wonderfully extravagant. I love being pampered! The combination of good cuisine, a fine cellar, excellent service, and train travel is a heady mixture. Should you ever have a spare couple of press tickets for your Royal Scotsman train, I can assure you that, unlike Michael, I would never swap them for a metal box with a flashing light!

  4. joolsstone Says:


    My experience of taking the London to Paris trip is that most fellow travellers were pretty ordinary folk celebrating a landmark birthday / anniversary / honeymoon etc.

    It’s not cheap of course but neither is a holiday to Barbados. I know which I’d prefer.

    You can read my detailed review on my blog….


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