Meanwhile in Austria


Unloading standard gauge wagons from 760 mm gauge transporters at Jenbach on the Zillertalbahn in Austria, August 2007. Video Pete Murfet

So what did you think of the technology for carrying standard gauge wagons on narrow gauge tracks employed by SKPL? A quaint Calthropian anachronism? Well actually the same technique is employed on the ultra-modern Zillertalbahn in Austria. What’s more the Stiermärkische Landesbahn has just ordered some brand new transporter wagons. Our thanks to fellow WordPress bloger korschtal who publishes the Railway Misadventures blog. It was he who found Pete Murfet’s video on You Tube and wrote about it on his latest post.

The video is a detailed study of ZTB transporter wagon operations. It seems to show a whole train being unloaded so it’s 8 minutes long, but it’s interesting that even on the relatively high-tech ZTB the method is still to take the brakes off on the standard gauge wagon and give it a shove. By the way, keep an eye open for the new red transporter wagons on loan from the Stiermärkische Landesbahn (STLB). The ZTB were using them for a bit, but the STLB will soon be starting new transporter services with them – it can be done.

Incidentally do have a look at some of Pete Murfet’s other narrow gauge railway films on You Tube. They are superb!


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2 Responses to “Meanwhile in Austria”

  1. korschtal Says:

    Hello, and thanks for the link… I agree with you that NG has a place in rural transport for tomorrow. Keep up the good work…

    By the way the Zillertalbahn is also 760mm, not 1000, but that makes what it does even more remarkable.

    If only there was the political will to reopen some of these railways so foolishly closed in the UK, using 750/1000mm gauge. It could happen, it could be effective, and it would be cheaper than standard gauge.

  2. dyspozytor Says:

    Many thanks. I’ve corrected the gauge. BTW I really enjoy reading your blog and have left a comment.


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