G8 to avoid CO2 targets


We rather like this video. Short and simple. We’ll try to keep our post about the G8 meeting the same.

The G8 countries Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States – amazingly China is not yet a member – began their 3 day annual summit today in the northern Japanese resort of Toyako.

In line with recent G8 meetings, Japan has called for outreach events to bring in leaders of other major nations. For the climate change outreach meeting on Wednesday, Japan has invited the leaders of China, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, South Korea and South Africa.

Scientists agree that the next 12 years will make or break our response to the climate crisis, but at the G8 summit, three politicians stand in the way. The USA’s George Bush, Canada’s Stephen Harper, and this year’s G8 chairman, Japan’s Yasuo Fukuda, are expected to block agreement on measurable climate change emission targets for the year 2020.


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One Response to “G8 to avoid CO2 targets”

  1. Perry Says:

    Hello Dyspozytor,

    Christopher Booker wrote about the G8 summit in the Telegraph.


    An enjoyable read for me.



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