Railfreight on the Polish narrow gauge.


Securing a standard gauge wagon on a 750 mm gauge transporter at Opatowek on the Kaliska Kolej Dojazdowa. Film Andrzej Kisiel, http://www.drezyna.com.pl

As oil prices climb ever higher, more and more potential customers are enquiring about the possibility of carrying freight on the surviving narrow gauge lines administered by SKPL. The Association currently operates narrow gauge freight trains on the Kaliska Kolej Dojazdowa, the Przeworska Kolej Dojazdowa and the Smigielska Kolej Dojazdowa, with PKP Cargo acting as the carrier for the standard gauge portion of the journey. Sadly, SKPL were unable to accept a contract to carry 250 tonnes of roadstone on the Krosniewice Railway because the Mayor of Krosniewice has other plans for the railway land.

SKPL also runs standard gauge freight trains in typical USA ‘short line fashion’ on the Pleszewska Kolej Lokalna (over mixed gauge track) and operates a standard gauge siding at Stzregom in Dolnoslaskie province.

Now if only PKP’s withdrawal from its narrow gauge operations had been focussed on maintaining the lines in operation, rather than getting rid of them as soon as possible. Come to think of it, if only the Department of Transport had not bullied Britain’s railways into abandoning wagonload freight, just before the opening of the Channel Tunnel which would have made long-distance wagonload freight profitable. If only the UK government had not hired Dr Beeching to dump 2/3 of Britain’s railway network. If only…


2 Responses to “Railfreight on the Polish narrow gauge.”

  1. Perry Says:

    Hello Dyspozytor,

    One of the English railways that closed as a result of Beeching was the 7 mile line between Uckfield and Lewes. However, there are hopes the situation can be reversed.



    It would be nice if you were able to promote the campaign through your website.



  2. dyspozytor Says:

    Dear Perry,

    We would be delighted to post an article about the Uckfield-Lewes project. BTWT is an interactive blog and our readers do have a say in what we write about. We are very happy to receive submissions from our readers. Articles should be 250 – 450 words long and should be sent with two or three strong photographs (not 3/4 shots of steam locomotives!) for us to choose one to head the piece.

    Do you or a colleague want to send us an article?

    Best wishes,


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