Forgotten Relics of an Enterprising Age


Simply the best!

(Click to go to FREA home page.)

BTWT is not given to using superlatives. Even if we like something, we can usually think of ways of making it better. But for Forgotten Relics of an Enterprising Age we have nothing but unstinting praise. First of all, it is a photographic database of some of the more remarkable railway civil engineering structures which were abandoned or demolished when the British government closed 2/3 of the UK’s railway network. Secondly, it is a news resource – updated monthly – about recent developments regarding such locations. Thirdly, it actively supports campaigns to restore disused railway infrastructure – like Woodhead Tunnel – to railway use. Fourthly, it is a library of visual material such as newspaper articles, films and desktop wallpaper. Add to that first class photography and clean effective web design, and FREA is an absolute winner.

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