Now China joins the high speed rail club


A high speed Siemens-Velaro CRH3 pulls into the new Tianjin Station during trials, photo: China Economic Net/Xinhua/Yang Baosen (click for photo in original context)

The Railway Gazette reports that On June 24 a CRH3 trainset from the Siemens Velaro family of high speed trains set a Chinese steel-wheel rail speed record of 394·3 km/h (245 mph).

Leaving Beijing at 8:55, the train took 25 min 10 sec to cover the 118·3 km to Tianjin over the recently-completed high speed line, which is designed for 300 km/h (186 mph) running with provision for a future increase to 350 km/h. (217 mph) The train broke the previous speed record about 20 min after departure, and a new record 394·3 km/h was achieved on the return trip.

CRH3 trainset The CRH3 ‘Hexie’ (harmony) trainset was built in Tangshan to the Velaro CN design from Siemens.

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