A debt honoured


Steam in Bosnia in January 2007 © Pavel Randak, International Working Steam

(Click to see picture in original context)

As publishers of a campaigning blog we are quite strongly focussed on maintaining the quantity and quality of our readership. Most of our growth comes from recommendations published on other sites. If a site is sending us significant traffic we like to acknowledge the fact and post a link back to that site. It is part of the culture that makes the blogsphere the exciting place it is.

So we would like to apologise to Rob Dickinson, the publisher of International Working Steam, for the cavalier way that we have been taking major traffic from his site without any sort of acknowledgement whatsoever. We did get a trifle distracted trying to keep abreast of the latest developments at Wolsztyn.

We would like to thank Rob for publishing two links to BTWT in connection with our Wolsztyn articles. We love his WWW pages. If you want to check on the latest news about steam train operations anywhere in the world International Working Steam is undoubtedly the best place to start. If you’ve come to BTWT via International Working Steam, then welcome aboard!

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