Competition – Question 4


Mystery photo

Veteran readers of Behind The Water Tower will have been waiting with eager anticipation for the final question in our first competition, If you are new to BTWT, don’t worry, it’s still not to late to enter. You’ll find all the previous questions here.

This month we would like you to tell us, on which narrow gauge railway can the above section of unused track be found? And for a bonus point, what is the long-term threat to this railway’s future?

The prize for the first person to get all four questions right is a bottle of Bison Grass Vodka, Zubrowka. Answers, please to our usual address.


One Response to “Competition – Question 4”

  1. John Nielsen Says:

    Well. It looks very much like the Sroda-zaniemysl railway. The back of the depot (which can be seen at the left) So that is my answar: Sroda depot, and the railway is to day a kind of a museumrailway that only drives in the summer and on request.

    Greatings john from Denmark ( have visit the Sroda railway 10 times)

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