7 steam engines on death row


Pt47-17 and 5 other locomotives await their fate at Scinawka Srednia, © Michal Pawelczyk (click to see photo in original context and more Scinawka photos)

Several hundred Polish steam locomotives are in danger of scrapping if plans by Polish State Railways Estates Department, PKP Nieruchomosci, are not stopped dead in their tracks. Already 7 locomotives have been subjected to sale by tender and are expected to be cut up shortly.

The 7 locomotives are:

class/no. builder works
built state location
Pt47-17 Chrzanow 1867 1948 Barry Scinawka
Pt47-44 Chrzanow 1894 1949 Barry Scinawka
TKt48-11 HCP 1537 1951 Barry Scinawka
TKt48-20 HCP 1546 1951 Barry Scinawka
TKt48-73 HCP 1664 1951 Barry Scinawka
TKt48-110 Chrzanow 4473 1955 Barry Scinawka
TKt48-155 Chrzanow 4745 1956 plinth Kudowa

By now our battle hardened regular readers are no doubt expecting yet another BTWT appeal for more polite (or angry, as the case may be) letters to be written to the Minister of Infrastructure, the Under Secretary of State for Rail, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, the Under Secretary for Heritage, the Minister of Sport and Tourism and the Under Secretary of State for Tourism.

But no, wait, hold on a minute. By all means write letters if you wish. But there is probably an even better way. Read on. The Scinawka engines had been dumped there since the early 90s. Everything that could have been removed from the engines has been stripped off by scrap thieves. The Kudowa Zdroj TKt48 is basically complete bar cab fittings and small items.

PKP Nieruchomosci consulted widely with Polish societies and foundations and no one wanted pay to acquire the stripped down hulks from Scinawka. That’s not to say that all Polish groups would have refused to take care of the engines if they had been delivered free of charge to their doorsteps. But Poland is now in the European Union. It is EU law that all public tenders must be sent out to interested bodies throughout Europe. But how many German, Belgian, French or British societies knew that PKP were about to start selling steam locomotives for scrap?

The tender process is illegal. If any BTWT reader out there is interested in buying a Polish steam engine and wants to help, we will gladly supply the forms necessary to mount a legal challenge. But hurry!

Why do we want to fire a warning shot across the bows of PKP? Well have you noticed that the seventh locomotive, TKt48-155, is currently a stationary monument at Kudowa Zdroj. This locomotive worked at Klodzko MPD until 1993 when it was taken off the PKP inventory and made a “technical monument”. It is in much better condition than the other engines and could even be restored to working order. If we allow this locomotive to be scrapped then none of the other hundred or so steam locomotives plinthed at stations all around the country will be safe.

If you want to help us by mounting a legal challenge contact us promptly by e-mail.

The 7th loco, TKt48-155 at Kudowa Zdroj on 1 March 2008 (click to see picture in original context)


6 Responses to “7 steam engines on death row”

  1. romeo cozzitorto Says:

    per favore,NON DEMOLITE le locomotive a vapore della Polonia!!

  2. Strauss Says:

    It would be very sad indeed if the Polish railways/state/governement do not realise that by preserving the locomotives left, they have a fantastic tourist attraction.
    How can we amidst a world economic crisis at least keep this industrial heritage alive?
    Keep them rolling!

  3. Webmaster Says:

    Hi all from us,

    The days of scrapping locos should be well and truly gone, we must, must, must try not to let this happen; in fact we shouldn’t even have to be talking about it let alone trying to stop it from happening.

    I have made the trip to Poland several times and did the Wolsztyn Experience 3 times, and what a wonderful thing to do… If like me you are in full support of keeping steam alive around the world we must all try and find the solutions in order to well and truly make the scrapping of Steam engines anywhere a thing of the past and help these railway companies realise just what it is they have… Keeping up the profile of preserved steam is just what I am trying to do on my website, please feel free to have a look and help keep steam alive.

    • dyspozytor Says:

      Thank you for your comment. We wholeheartedly agree with you. Good luck with your new web site. How about adding a couple of links to BTWT and TV?

  4. Alex Everts Says:


    Czy te parowe pociągów nadal istnieje?
    Będę tam w lecie i chciałbym zrobić kilka zdjęć.
    (Przepraszam, za błędy, ale nie mogę pisać tak dobrze po polsku.)

    Alex Everts (z Holandii)

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