Kawczynski plays a straight bat


Daniel Kawczynski, MP

Behind the Water Tower is strictly non-party political. We fight our battles on issues and care little about personalities and even less about political parties. But we must admit to being rather impressed by Daniel Kawczynski. First of all, with a name like Kawkinski he must be Polish. He said during his maiden speech in the House of Commons,

…my surname, which is of Polish origin, is very difficult to pronounce, but you did so splendidly, Mr. Deputy Speaker. When I was in business, many of my colleagues said that I must be mad to think that I would get into the House of Commons with such a name, and that I should change it to an English name, but I refused to do that simply because I am very proud of my beloved grandfather, who is no longer alive. He was a great Polish patriot and he and many other Poles fought with the British during the war. Before he died, I promised him that I would never change my name. If I had done so, I would have sacrificed something special.

We admire a man who play a straight bat about his Polish origins. Denis MacShane please note. Secondly, he has the right ideas about railways, he has always supported the campaign to reinstate a direct London-Shrewsbury train service. Later on in that same maiden speech he added,

I am very keen on getting a direct rail link to London. Shrewsbury is the only county town in England that does not have a direct rail link to our capital city. Such a link would be extremely important to both tourism and business investment, and I shall be pressing the Secretary of State for Transport to help me to achieve that.

This was no vote-catching gimmick. He continues to be vigilant about any threat to the splendid new direct to London service introduced by Wrexham and Shropshire. Yesterday he tabled a question to Tom Harris, the Under Secretary of State responsible for railways in the Department for Transport.

To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what regulations govern the advertisement of rail services by train operating companies prior to the grant of regulatory approval for these services.

Finally, he is brave enough to defy the government whip when a point of principle is involved. Wasn’t there a time not long ago when it was normal for MPs to behave like that?

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