Marek Wozniak, Chief Executive of Wielkopolska

Following the shock 4 month suspension of steam haulage of the Wolsztyn – Poznan services from 1 June, the Wolsztyn – Leszno steam-hauled train is now officially due to be cease on Monday 16 June. A storm of protest has hit the office of the Chief Executive of Wielkopolska province. (Note that he is quaintly called the ‘Marshal of Wielkopolska Region’ on the English version of the authority’s website.) Howard Jones is still hopeful that a deal can still be swung to save the Leszno service. Local authority officials are sounding him out as to whether he would be willing to fund the difference between steam and diesel haulage that they are being charged by PKP. So much for a ‘fire risk’ that conveniently disappears when money is being talked about! Howard is already paying PKP Cargo the difference between steam and diesel haulage, so it looks as if Cargo have been charging for steam haulage twice, sending bills to Howard and the local authority.

This sad story seems to be a typical case that when something is operating well in Poland, some stupid official has to come up with a way of ruining it. Howard has been providing the income stream that has kept Wolsztyn Depot open for 11 years as Europe’s last motive power depot servicing steam locomotives that work regular service trains. Wolsztyn’s visitors have spent millions of euros in the region! Howard should be feted by the Polish authorities and PKP for his achievements and they should have the courtesy to discuss any changes in arrangements with him well in advance.


The meeting that we originally reported as taking place between Howard Jones and Ministry of Infrastructure officials in Warsaw, in fact took place in Poznan between Howard and the Deputy Transport Director of Wielkopolska province. Our thanks to WE for pointing this out. The original article has been corrected.

Useful links:

Wolsztyn Experienceofficial website

Wielkopolska provincethe office of the Chief Executive

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One Response to “WOLSZTYN LATEST!”

  1. David Heal Says:

    After all Howard Jones has done with the Wolstyn Experience, and arranged footplate courses, and special trains for enthusiasts, it is disgusting that some popped up official deems it a liability. The arrangements that existed provided much tourist money for the region. Balance up the costs and it probably paid its way. Keep it open please.

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